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P51B Mustang P51B Mustang In development. Coming Summer 2020

The P51B Mustang construction will have all composite parts white gel coated and carbon fiber reinforced. The wing center section is molded in one piece with the fuselage.

That gives more strength to the overall construction and makes field assembly and transportation easy. The wing spar (or wing tube) will be already built in place by us. The fuselage is constructed in two piece for easy installation of tail gear, and shipping purpose.

Once you have your tail gear installed you simply epoxy halves together.

Here is a list of what you will receive with the 1/4 Scale P51B Mustang kit. Wingspan is 111"

Gel coated composite fuselage (2 piece)

Gel coated composite horizontal stabilizer removable

Belly pan

Composite flaps

Composite Gear Doors

Gel coated composite cowl (split)

Exhaust stacks


Composite outboard wings

Composite ailerons

Composite elevator

Wood for built up rudder (scale)

Wing tubes for horizontal stabilizer and wings  

We offer air retracts from Sierra Giants. All accessories for landing gear is available through us.


3 Piece Wing assembly

All composite construction

Removable horizontal stabilizer

Composite fiberglass and carbon fiber constructed parts
Split cowl

Easy building to complete

Estimated price US$2850